We Found Top 7 Open Source PHP Projects From OSC

PHP remains a broadly used language for server-side web development with its years of presence in the market and it still goes notoriously well. But, of course, in light of the fact that this strongest web development continuously changes the face of PHP development, it becomes evident that developers should stay on pace with the latest trends and technologies in the area of PHP development. Eventually, OSC (OpenSourceCollection) is likely the most used platform for reading and hosting on the PHP open source project, and as a result a very crucial resource for developers who are looking to be on the cutting edge of PHP development.

Today, we’ll discuss the top open source PHP projects on OSC, the massive popularity of which defines the trends in development for 2024. Such projects answered the various problems and showed demonstrably the latest PHP trends and technologies, which therefore prove to be found on OSC. Whether you are an experienced PHP developer or new to the language, we have many resources and tools that are suitable for any level while enabling you to beat the competition in web development. Hence, be attentive because here is some great stuff for you to consider in PHP projects coming from Open Source that are totally reshaping the digital world!

What Is OpenSourceCollection?

Open Source Collection is an open-source online gateway, a web-based portal for works in these formats. It provides the perfect opportunity where the web-based audience should endeavor to give due credit and recognition to the human developers of open-source software projects. Basically, OpenSourceCollections is what it is, just a handy resource that eases the process of finding and involvement in open-source projects, simplifying the teamwork idea to development and engaging participants to contribute their skills to tasks that fall within their interests and areas of expertise.

Prime 7 Open Supply PHP Tasks From Start Supply Selection

  1. Kanboard

The Kanboard is an excellent software tool built with the core principles of Kanban methodology in mind that helps organize all tasks in an ingenious way across the space. In the field of software, ‘maintenance mode’ indicates that a program works without any of the bugs.

  1. Grocy

Grocy is a GPL-licensed free and open-source software written in PHP for people who want to keep records, track tasks and hold inventory for their own personal needs. The task implies to keepability of the fridge, a menu plan, food control, and a checklist for the housework.

  1. Akaunting

Being an online open source accounting system for freelancing and smaller businesses, Akaunting is a free software that is available on the internet market these days. The app is built on top-notch stacks like PHP, Vue JS, Tailwind, and RESTful API. While Software Store of Akaunting may be the convergence of equally consumers and pc software developers.

  1. osTicket

osTicket Platform is a common system for ticket support, which is realized in software code. It is an open-source system developed by community users. It presents a perfect and complete system that has an easy-to-use interface. These are the self-employed individuals and those who are shifts or work, who have a need to travel, or who want to sum up their net incomes and the amount they paid in taxes. The project is all for time tracking, as well, all the essential tools such as JSON API, invoicing, multi-user mode, rich-text editor, task lists and translation aids are available for daily use.

  1. Dolibarr

Dolibarr is an open-source application providing services over the PHP platform implementing actions by JavaScript techniques in order to run aidedly in a wide spectrum of organizations such as big and small ones or, for example, NGO and self-employment purposes. Furthermore, Dolibarr works on the principle of allowing users to use it the way they want, learn it, copy or distribute it any way they want by its license terms.

  1. Friendica

Friendica is a community platform that does not run a centralized server. Alternatively, the social platform is viewed as a tool to empower the enablers that have the say. Its association of governance and environmentally safe systems is what it is all about. Privacy and liberty are the two main pillars of Friendica that allow users to communicate on an open basis and enjoy freedom.

  1. Leantime 

LT is a cost-free project developed specifically to provide progressive power to companies which want to keep track of jobs from the invention to completion. It favors teams even with diversified technical skills, as a result, it is easy for everyone to grasp, even with zero technical skills. Leantime is the opposite of using various tools such as ClickUp Notion and Asana, we think of it as a hub which is a favorite tool.

Benefits Of Using OSC For Open Source  PHP Projects

  • Project Curation & Listings: OpenSourceCollections will highlight community projects and classify the projects by types of technology and interests as well as needs. On each project page the project description, documentation, code repository link (eg. GitHub), licensing and contributors guide, as well as the place to add more will be provided.
  • Accessibility and Inclusivity: The areas of focus essential to OpenSourceCollections will be accessibility and inclusivity. Therefore, the platform will allow for various people from different walks of life and knowledge. 
  • Filters for Multiple Technologies: Projects can be separated by technology details like programming language frameworks to make them more homogenous. Your tendency can vary from one extreme to the other making it possible for you to get what you impose on yourself. 
  • Live Demos: This part of the project will show you what you can get in the platform even if you are a beginner and don’t know much about open source collections. This essentially allows the users of the page to go through the demonstration of the program or the feature and marvel at it before they decide to download or clone it. 
  • Github Repo Links: More so, Open Source Collection also has this feature that can only redirect you to the repository to GitHub if such is the case.
  • Filters for Multiple Categories: In addition to this, sharing the Open Source Collection filters is the creation of filters as part of the project based on their software categories. It is easy to imagine yourself in a library that contains as many as thousands of books. Hence, the Internet is like Yahoo.
  • Easy Sorting: Opensource Collection also shows the projects with the highest stars meaning these projects have a large number of who have rated them. In fact, you depend on others’ preferences to select the desired books by the mean number of ratings they have. 

Wrap Up

Here you go & this is our list of the best Open source PHP projects available at OSC to view in 2024. PHP development projects do not matter, whether you’re an expert in this field or a novice, these projects are undoubtedly powerful enough to spur you to have curiosity and create a world anew. These projects offer great frameworks and libraries, not to mention the innovation in tools and utilities which prove the immeasurable ability of the PHP universe to offer effective solutions. 

With OSC projects, you can be confident that you are keeping on top of the latest trends and technological innovations. So here you have it the amazing projects meant to be developed exclusively on the OSC platform and the developers who have selflessly and tirelessly continued working on them. Thus, do not hesitate to browse the tasks, don’t overlook expressing your help and thank you to the designers in advance.

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