How Will The Yoga Teacher Training In India Benefit You?

There are a number of reasons why you should do yoga ttc in India today. If you want to know more than what you see about yoga around you, a formal course is a must. Additionally, you must do a comprehensive course, if you want to get into yoga teaching. There are lots of folks who understand yoga from neighbourhood colleges but don’t get a conventional respected certificate. In such cases, the individuals cannot be considered for teaching positions. The growth of the sector in immense proportions has led to the requirements for more stringent norms. Amongst them proper certification is one. 

Today, you have better options in the form of professional courses that are certified by Yoga Alliance. It is just a non-governmental human anatomy situated in the US, which aims to organize the industry and standardize yoga education . No matter why you want to learn yoga, a professional and certified course can help you in your life. 

Here are a few benefits of pursuing yoga ttc in India.

Benefits Of Pursuing Yoga TTC In India

  • The first reason, why you should enrol for a professional course, is because you will get a mentor. Living Yoga School is one of the most prolific schools of yoga, where you can enrol yourself. During the training, there will be plenty of opportunities to develop your unique style under a Yoga Guru. Your teacher or mentor, whatever you choose to call him, will be able to give you constructive feedback. This process helps to ensure that everybody is getting the right knowledge, and in the best manner possible. 
  • You will learn about the background of yoga in the month-long yoga ttc in India. It is totally essential for you to know why you are understanding it, or why you want to teach it. You will get to know about the origins of yoga in this course. Moreover, if you have a lot of conviction about the subject, then you can teach well. The students will also trust you more, as a teacher. The course gives you a bird’s overview of the Pre-Vedic era and the Modern Yoga period, too. This knowledge helps you to develop confidence in the teachings. 
  • You will also learn about the internal body parts and organs. Yoga is about the body and the mind, in general. So, if you have to guide someone in the future, then it is absolutely necessary for you to know the human body. This will help you to learn yoga in safe settings, and also teach the same ways to your students. You can also learn how to teach proper alignments, so that all involved benefit from the same. You can yourself, develop your balance and sturdiness through the same. Modifications are also a part of science. You can suggest modifications, only if you know the problem areas and the solutions. 
  • In the program, you’ll learn about Hatha Yoga. It is the foundational yoga form this one must understand first. All other yoga forms come after it. Therefore, you can say that Hatha Yoga covers all yoga forms. Then, there is Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Power Yoga, to name a few. Different Gurus have managed to give a different lineage. However, you will get to improve upon your stability through the Hatha Yoga practices. Thereafter, you will learn about the multiple other forms. 

After you have studied the yoga ttc in India, you have to sit for an examination. And after you complete the same successfully, you get a Yoga Alliance certificate. Thereafter, you can apply for the RYT 200, which opens up the pathway to a teaching career. 

After you do the course, people will look up to you and respect you. You will get consideration as a thorough professional. The course is a very comprehensive one, which you must study under trained experts. Living Yoga School is the right yoga school, for the same. 

Rishikesh – The Location 

This place also has a huge role to play. While you will come across many yoga schools in different locations, Rishikesh is more promising, due to the divine ambience. The River Ganga also flows through its territory. Rishikesh is a divine place located beside Haridwar, which is another holy spot. The constant ringing of bells and the smell of incense fills the air. You cannot help but focus on your meditative skills in a place like this. And as you may already know, yoga is not just about inversions and contortions. It is a lot more than what you see with the naked eye. All of that becomes visible, when you practice yoga in one of the most authentic places in India, Rishikesh. 

Final Words

If you want to learn yoga from its true origin, then India, or Rishikesh specifically is the place you should be headed to. The place has an eclectic charm of its own, that makes the practice more profound and interesting. You will be able to gain the raw knowledge, which has travelled to other places with influence from all the spots it has passed through. 

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